Performativity of things

Is clothing performative? 


MA_Thesis Sarah Ama Duah 


„Performativity of things“



Performativity of things is an interdisciplinary examination of the Concept of performativity related to clothing. Because of their inability to act things are considered of being non-performative per se (Erika Fischer-Lichte). But especially the intimate relationship between Body and Dress were both perform each other show a performative potential which caused me to do further research on a possible performativity of clothing.







            The interdisciplinary Project  is divided in different stages 


  • first there was a theoretical Part. The Master Thesis of 60 Pages.


  • The second stage was the part were i developed the technique for the silicone    moulds. The templates for the moulds are collected 2nd hand Basics like : pullover, skirt, top, blazer etc.  It was important for me that the templates are more Archetype looking basic clothes  than really fashionable interpretationen. After preparing the templates i worked with liquid silicones to get the original mould with the specific texture of each piece of clothing. 


  • In the third Stage i worked with the Dancer Esra-Vianne Graul. In cooperation we    wanted to experiment with the moulds and movement. (see below)



  •   In the fourth stage in cooperation with the Cinematograph Jasper Techel and Esra- Vianne Graul we did an experimental video work.  (see below) 




             Silicone-clothing-moulds-Series: Top, Underwear, Cadigan, Pullover, Pants, Skirt, Shorts, Jacket, Shirt, Dress/ Silicone transparent/ 2017


Dancer_Esra Vianne Graul

Photos_Conny Kirste

Concept/Silicone-clothing-moulds_Sarah Ama Duah

Adobe Acrobat Dokument 7.5 MB

Part 4 Videofragmente


Camera/Light_ Jasper Techel


Dancer_ Esra Vianne Graul


Regie/ Silicone-clothing-moulds_Sarah Ama Duah